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株式会社 トーセ・フィールドサービス

 What is a Ground Guarantee System? 


It is a combination of Soil Investigation & Guarantee to assure the quality of lands.


Subject: Regarding the development of grounds for residential land, we guarantee the legal liabilities of the insured parties in case there is damage to the building, any third parties, and/or properties due to an accident attributed to erroneous pre-construction investigations, construction, ground investigations, and/or ground reinforcement work.


Covered construction methods

Surface improvement method/ columnar improvement method (including the certified method)/ small diameter steel pipe method (regular steel method, spiral steel method, certified method)/ RES-P method/ MS foundation (raft foundation method with stabilizer)/ embankment reinforcement method using planer geogrid/ S.・P method/ Super Geo method/ geocloth UV-fir method/ cast-in-place pile/ off-the-shelf concrete pile/ steel pipe pile/ ground improvement method for narrow land/ large diameter deep soil mixing method