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 Residential Ground Guarantee System 

*Earthquake insurance, construction/civil engineering insurance and fire insurance during construction/land development are also available.

In cases of deformation, a house needs to be repaired and brought back to level.  A considerable amount of work is involved, such as lifting up the house from the bedding to remove and redo the foundation or jacking-up the entire house, which can incur costs of 5 to 10 million yen.  In a worst case scenario, damage is so severe and irreparable that the house itself needs to be rebuilt.  It is difficult to work on the ground or foundation while a house is sitting on it.


 Small cost for vital protection 

The Law on the Promotion of the Housing Quality Assurance stipulates a 10-year guarantee on a newly-built house from the date of transfer. 

In accordance with the “Law on Ensuring the Fulfillment of Specific Residential Warranty Against Defects,” housing businesses must enter into an insurance contract on all newly-built houses with the insurance companies designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism subjecting.  Such insurance compensates the housing businesses for losses incurred due to the 10-year warranty (obligation for repair) for the home acquirers in case there is a defect in the structural integrity or waterproofing of a newly-built house, and it is confirmed that the basic tolerability and/or waterproofing does not match up to the required standard.  However, accidents concerning soil are exempt from responsibility by latent defects insurance.  This shifts the responsibility of repair costs to housing businesses.  The Ground Guarantee System offered by Tose Field Service Co., Ltd. protects housing businesses from such risk.

 + Reliable guarantee 

It is nonsense to build a strong solid house on problematic ground.  We hire professional ground investigators and implement the best solutions according to the conclusions.  In addition, we guarantee up to a 300 million yen repair cost in cases of different damages on the ground investigated and addressed by our designated investigator (Note 1), such as deformation of a house due to uneven settlement.  (See GUARANTEE for more detail.)

(Note 1 If the result of investigation proves the need for ground reinforcement work, it must take place before it is qualified for guarantee.)

See Important Information and Guidelines for Residential Ground Guarantee System. 

 Resident Ground Guarantee … 

Brings both the contractor and contractee reassurance through ground investigation and protection from various damages.