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 Flow of System 

See below for the process following the investigation.

For the application process, refer to the bottom section of “For Housing Businesses” page. 


Investigation  Analysis Report  Guarantee

                                                          → Solution 



Inspect the present and past conditions of the planned construction site and its perimeter to create a database. 



Examine the entire investigation database with our know-how and breadth of experience to ascertain that the planned foundation is suitable for the building, and alternate methods are suggested to ensure safety



Plan an adequate foundation construction method and report to the client in detail.



Bring in highly-skilled professionals to carry out the plan as present in the report.



Once the proper foundation construction is completed in accordance with the report, the property is qualified for up to a 300 million yen compensation within the guarantee period.   The contract can be extended up to 30 years with re-investigation every 10 years. (Guarantee reduction may apply.)