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 Guarantee――Soil-related damages 

 100% compensation (Basic contract: Up to 300 million yen per building) 

(May vary under atypical conditions)

※ No deduction period (No compensation deduction)

※ Guarantee period 10-12 years

※ Land development and ground investigation/ground reinforcement

Guarantee period for other properties (non-residential): 5 years from the date of transfer

※ 10 years from the date of transfer if qualified through Boring or Ram Sounding investigation.

  1. All costs for repairing the damage in the case of erroneous ground construction.
  2. Rent for temporary accommodations during repair construction and all costs of moving household goods and furniture.  If a business is to be operated in a temporary location, expenses incurred shall be covered as well.
  3. Costs for dismantlement.
  4. Costs to build a new house on the existing land if the damage is irreparable.  (Replacement cost is covered.)
  5. Costs to purchase new household goods and furniture.  (Up to 1 million yen)
  6. Loss of business income in case of suspension of business.
  7. All medical expenses for treatment deemed necessary by physicians.
  8. Cost of investigation necessary for construction works.

Examples of failures due to unequal settlement/subsidence subject to the guarantee

☑ Large cracks between walls and columns, cracks in wall or tiles

☑ Large cracks in the joints of windows and doors, damages to the berm or brick walls

☑ Inclined columns causing damage or defects to entrance doors and windows

☑ Unleveled floor causing issues

☑ Severely inclined columns which may result in the collapse of the building

☑ Severely unleveled floor causing irreparable damage



Upon the signing of the contract by the contractor (insured party) on each house they build, the contractor will receive the cost of repairs and related costs in the case a deficiency in the ground investigation, land development or ground reinforcement should be found after handing over the property to the customers (home purchaser or contractee).

The contract is effective after the residential land is sold to the customer. Undeveloped grounds can also be guaranteed provided that proper investigation is conducted in the event that liability for third parties was to arise due to an accident after sale and developed for residential use. 

Damages only on the grounds without a house are not subject to the guarantee.

 Compensation Criteria

Guarantee is paid if: “Accident happens” “Loss occurs” “Eligibility for compensation proven”  No specific tilt/inclination angle is defined (such guidelines are provided only by us).

[Limitation of Guarantee]

Basic Plan: Up to 300 million yen per accident.

[Compensation amount]

Guaranteed Amount= (Cost subject to the guarantee - ¥0 (deductible)) x 100% [Compensatory rate)]


Grounds investigated by designated investigators that meet the necessary conditions architectural laws and regulations/guarantee requirements).

Reinforcement method suggestions, estimates and guarantee are also provided based on the ground investigation record from other companies (authorization required).

*Reinforcement Methodssubsidence repair / wet or dry columnar improvement, mall diameter steel pipe, pile press fit method, surface improvement, geocloth method.

[Guarantee period]

*Residential houses (including those also used for businesses) and apartment buildings: Guarantee expires 10 years from the date of transfer or 11 years from the Contract Date; the coverage begins on the day the reinforcement work is completed.  (Contract Date: the date the construction is completed [the date of issuance of Certificate of Completion])

*Developed land: Guarantee expires 12 years from the date the land was handed over; the coverage begins on the date of the commencement of land development.

*Ready-built homes: Guarantee expires 11 years from the Contract Date; coverage begins on the day the house is handed-over to the customer. 

                    *Only those handed over within 2 years of completion of construction.

Guarantee period can be extended for additional fees.  Inquire for details.

[Ground Guarantee]

Nationwide operation

For the development of grounds for residential use (including those also used for business), it covers the legal liabilities of the insured party in case of damage to the subject building,  third parties and/or properties due to the error in the pre-construction investigation, construction, ground investigation and/or ground reinforcement work. 

Upon completion of ground investigation by designated local investigators, it covers the legal liabilities of the insured party in case of damage to the subject building, third parties and/or properties due to accidents attributed to the error in the ground investigation and/or ground reinforcement work.  Ground surface damage and loss of function possessed at the time of transfer due to the unequal settlement/subsidence is compensated by the guarantee.  The subject building and its surrounding buildings are also covered by the guarantee.  The guarantee is not influenced by a change in status of the investigators.

[Real-estate Guarantee]

Investigation and analysis are conducted prior to the sales of ready-made homes to confirm the quality of the land, prevent future troubles and facilitate sales.  The entire compartment must be investigated to qualify for Guarantee.

[Developed Land Guarantee]

Please inquire for fees and details.


See Developed Land Guarantee (PDF) (48.0KB)

 Our reliable network spans throughout the nation. 

Tose Field Service Co., Ltd. offers a highly-reliable cost-efficient guarantee

The actual amount of loss is paid up to the limitation of guarantee.

Costs of repair/liability for damage + additional expenses + liability for personal injury and death + loss of business income + costs of initial response + lease expenses + costs of dismantlement + costs of dispute resolution

Once the error in ground investigation, design, and/or construction is confirmed, cost of damage is compensated to repair the subject building. 

Cost of land reinforcement is also compensated in case there is damage to the subject building.

Other costs are also guaranteed when causal connections are proved.


 Uncompensated damages 

  Damages on the land or subject property owned by the insured party

  Cost to repair the ground subsidence caused by naturaldeterioration

  Damages caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes (if not insured by “Iglad,” the earthquake insurance)

  Damages caused by environmental pollution (contaminated soil )

  Cases manifested from a service provided by a certified architect, real-estate surveyor, engineer or land surveyor

  Cases manifested from a service provided by uncertified individuals

  Residential and developed lands over 10-years old  or those exceeding the guarantee period written on the contract

  When damage cannot be evaluated as a result of the building owner rejecting the investigation appointed by the insurance company

  If repair work has been completed prior to notifying the insurance company