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株式会社 トーセ・フィールドサービス

 Benefits of Our Residential Ground Guarantee System 


 ☆First in Industry☆ 

100% compensation

(0% compensation deduction rate)

No copayment!


 One & Only 

Damages to both building and land are compensated.


 One & Only 

Coverage up to 300 million yen per case.


 First in Industry / One & Only 

All construction structures are accepted (no limits on total floor area or number of stories)

※Certain restrictions may apply for non-residential buildings (commercial premises, factories, hospitals, nurseries, community centers, etc.).  Please inquire for details.

Office buildings are not accepted.


 One & Only 

Compensation is paid regardless of the inclination angle of the ground as long as the type of accident is covered by the guarantee.


 First in Industry/ One & Only 

Guarantee for the entirety of land.

Includes retaining walls, embankment slopes, approach ways, etc.

Foundations constructed by another builder/contractor are also accepted.


 One & Only 

Costs to repair subsidence damage after the first reinforcement work is also guaranteed.


 One & Only 

Continuation of guarantee for home acquirers even after the builder/contractor no longer exists.

(Including ground business and Tose Field Service Co., Ltd.)


☆ Fair and Neutral

Unbiased judgement based on pre-defined standards for “investigation,” “analysis” and “determination.”


 One & Only 

Japan’s largest available compensation is guaranteed.

Trustworthy coverage insured by major domestic and international insurance companies and their vast resources.

15-year-long contract system between Tose Field Service Co., Ltd. and insurance companies to ensure client protection. 

 (To secure: The guarantee period set forth in written agreement + unsold period)


☆ Our “claim-base” system allows guarantees on old properties that meet our requirements.

☆ 10-year guarantee period extension (maximum of up to 30 years)

※Must be applied for no less than 2 months prior to the end of the guarantee period.

☆ Dependable and safe system accredited by third person organizations.


 One & Only 

Free support from the Legal Department of Tose Field Service Co., Ltd. as well as risk management agencies for dispute resolution.

 (once it is confirmed to be an accident)